Lauren Aldrich - Former Division 1 Soccer Player






Lauren Aldrich is a former Divsion 1 ⚽️ player at UMASS and Troy University. Originally from Massachusetts, Lauren was an all-state soccer player and has now relocated to Louisiana to pursue a Masters Degree.

She is an avid 🐕 lover and has rescued two - Mitzi and Brindi. She leads a very active life between working as a Teaching Assistant, pursuing her Masters, refereeing soccer games and raising her 2 dogs!

She cites our AMPower®️ Energy Bars as providing her the necessary energy and boost to start her day. "I start every morning with a bar, specifically the Salted Caramel Latte - its my favorite! It works out perfect because it is the equivalent to a cup of coffee caffeine wise and fills me up until lunch".

We are thrilled to welcome Lauren to TEAM AMPOWER®️!

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